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Our courses will teach you a wealth of knowledge in the art and science of true healing. Enjoy the world of True Naturopathy!

Learn the Essentials of True Healing

Our Courses Teach You Original Naturopathy—Everything You'll Need to Stay Empowered

A School of

Higher Learning

Our courses teach you all the sciences of nature. This is called Naturopathy. We offer everything you'll need to stay knowledgable.

Dr. Morse's Schools Presents

The International School

of the Healing Arts

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Courses based on truth. Learn why health, self awareness and being sovereign are the keys to unlock your absolute freedom.

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Learn the true sciences of nature and apply those skills to earn a living helping people heal and change their lives.

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Earn credits towards our school doctorate degree in the healing arts of Naturopathy.

We Instill the Powerful Art and Science of Healing Into Language YOU Can Apply

We Instill the Powerful Art and Science of Healing Into Language YOU Can Apply

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Learn from a Pioneer in the Healing Field—the Truth about Why Humans Suffer

Robert Morse, N.D. gives you the skills and wisdom you need to take your personal health care into your own hands and rejuvenating yourself by using some of nature's greatest tools, the botanicals.

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Learn How to Read the Body and Take Action

Become familiar with the human body and learn how to tackle advanced health problems effectively. As a holistic health practitoner, you can incorporate this newfound expertise into your practice or start your own.

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Understand the Power of Fruits, Berries and Melons

Discover how Dr. Morse for decades has helped people all over the world overcome a wide spectrum of mild, chronic and degenerative cases. Especially the regeneration of nerve tissue using a fruit-predominant approach to diet.

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Level Up the Healing Process with Tissue-Specific Herbs

Herbs are nature’s most powerful, natural healers, detoxifiers and regenerators of the human body. Used correctly, they can enhance, strengthen and normalize functioning of organs and endocrine glands, or as a tool for increasing lymph flow, healing wounds, removing parasites, and more.

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Become a Certified Detoxification Specialist

Dreaming of becoming a full-time practitioner? Our certification training gives you the foundation and know-how you need to begin helping others as a service.

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Eyes Reveal More than Meets the Eye

Our iridology training equips you to read the signs and patterns of the iris, allowing you a deeper insight into the body's physical condition. Dr. Morse has introduced to this planet lymphatic iridology, one of the greatest tools to understanding human suffering.

Hear from a Dr. Morse

Graduate and Course Professor

Join Thousands of Students

Who Made the Leap

and Completed Our Training

Become a Detoxification Specialist and Broaden Your Expertise by Learning New Healing Modalities

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Self-Paced Online Courses at Your Leisure

Don’t worry about time constraints and deadlines, once enrolled in our courses, you’ll always have access to the learning material—so take your time (and take notes, too!).

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Earn Course Certifications

You’ll receive a certificate for each completed course, some of which will later qualify as credits towards our full naturopathic degree program.

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Be Part of a Phenomenal Community

When you join the International School of the Healing Arts, you’re joining a wonderful, supportive and caring community filled with incredible healing experiences.

Some of the Powerful Nuggets You'll Learn


Food and Nutrition

Learn how different foods affect health and how to apply this knowledge to the healing process

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Using Herbs

How to use various herbal blends to promote cellular detoxification and regeneration

Reading the Body

How to decipher the body's symptoms and vital signs and connect the dots

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Reading the Eyes

How to apply the science of iridology for a complementary diagnosis

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Practitioner's Etiquette

How to skillfully guide a client through the detoxification and healing process

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No More Mystery

Feel confident in your ability to inspire healing within yourself and others

Amazing Love from Some of Our Students

“Dr. Morse and the clinic has taught me the importance of taking the responsibility of stepping into my own power of how I can heal myself, my body and my spirit without the necessity of dependency on outside influences!”

Mika Nelson

"I am extremely excited and grateful for the beautiful teachings Dr. Morse has taught and to see myself healing in so many ways is incredible. I can’t wait to help others and am extremely excited to be a certified Detoxification Specialist!"

Giovanna Vargas

I have had great success in the world of natural healing, but none like I have had since meeting Dr. Morse, completing Level I and II of ISHAS and incorporating this amazing healing modality into my practice.

Rosanne Calabrese

“ISHAS has been instrumental in my life, my healing and my transformation. I’ve also enjoyed meeting and connecting with all of the incredible people that have joined ISHAS and Dr. Morse’s teachings over the years."

Ian Myers

"I got so enthusiastic about the level of knowledge and wisdom from Dr. Morse that it became my passion to share this with the world, write books and create my own online business. I’m so thankful for receiving this knowledge and what it brought me!"

Monica Naeyaert

"Receiving my certification has been an amazing journey for both myself and my family. It has helped me grow emotionally, mentally and of course physically. I love the fact that I can help people with the knowledge I now have and be a part of such an amazing, spiritual and loving community!"

Elvira Stefanov
International School of the Healing Arts