"I studied the new online Level 1 course in March 2020. I have been involved in the health and wellness industry for many year’s but nothing prepared me for the knowledge I was so blessed to have been given during this course.

Dr. Morse is a speaker of the truth and I am a truth-seeker so this course, to me, was one of the most beneficial courses I have ever taken in my career. I just want to say a huge thank you to the teams involved in putting this course together. The material was easy to follow, easy to understand and each section flows beautifully into the next.

The online interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to follow. I loved the fact that you could always go back to the sections that you already completed to listen to videos again.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A sections of each video module, it’s always great to hear real life answers to questions during the learning experience.

The sections on spirituality are extremely important to the course too because without knowing it, when you embark on this healing journey, you will grow intensely on a spiritual level – whether you want to or not!

Thank you to everyone at Dr. Morse for giving me this amazing opportunity to learn the truth about health and for giving me the gift to be able to show others their path to true healing and spiritual awakening."

With much love,

Meghan Cummins

South Africa

Meghan Cummins


Photo of Meghan Cummins holding a bowl of fruit

Ian Myers

"ISHAS has been instrumental in my life, my healing and my transformation. I’ve also enjoyed meeting and connecting with all of the incredible people that have joined ISHAS and Dr Morse’s teachings over the years. Thank you ISHAS and Dr Morse for sharing your gifts and light."

"Receiving my certification has been an amazing journey for both myself and my family.

It has helped me grow emotionally, mentally and of course physically. I love the fact that I can help people with the knowledge I now have and be a part of such an amazing, spiritual and loving community!"

Elvira Stefanov

Rosanne Calabrese

"Where do I begin!?! It's been over 8 years since I embarked on my personal healing journey as one of Dr. Morse’s individual patients and nearly as long since I attended my first ISHAS class.

That was back in the day when there were only 40 people in a class!

I have participated in nearly every class since, and I can honestly say I come away with new information and insight, each and every time!

Dr. Morse holds a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience in the realm of cellular detoxification and rejuvenation above and beyond any mentor I've ever had or healer I've ever known.

As a licensed acupuncture physician in the state of Florida since 2002, I have had great success in the world of natural healing, but none like I have had since meeting Dr. Morse, completing Level I and II of ISHAS and incorporating this amazing healing modality into my practice."

"In the 9 years of being a alumni, what Dr Morse and the clinic has taught me besides learning to detox your body and the importance of herbs for regeneration is the importance of taking the responsibility of stepping into my own power of how I can heal myself, my body and my spirit without the necessity of dependency on outside influences!"

Mika Nelson

Giovanna Vargas

"I am extremely excited and grateful for the beautiful teachings Dr. Morse has taught and to see myself healing in so many ways is incredible. I can’t wait to help others and am extremely excited to be a certified Detoxification Specialist!"

"I got so enthusiastic about the level of knowledge and wisdom from Dr. Morse that it became my passion to share this with the world, write books and create my own online business. I’m so thankful for receiving this knowledge and what it brought me!"

Monica Naeyaert

Brooke Crook

Photo of Brooke Crook

"After a term of working to transition mothers and children, during most sensitive phases of life, I was led to continue education in supporting elimination with the use of safe herbs. Learning (and unlearning) under Dr. Morse's coursework has allowed me to help mothers approach healing more strategically in themselves and their families.

Herbal navigation and detox strategies are an imperative component to a safe, more comfortable, and successful detoxification approach.

Putting it all together with the Level 1 course has brought a more comprehensive application to my practice and heightens success with clients- and therefore, my reputation as a Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist."

International School of the Healing Arts