Mission Statement

My Dear Ones,

Our mission statement is simple, our school and its professors simply wish to teach you what you cannot learn in the books: a lifetime of experience in related fields.

Our professors have learned that the spiritual side of life cannot be separated from one’s moment to moment actions. Cause and effect rule the worlds of matter. Learning the two sides of life in creation and their opposite effects upon life.

Our goal is to offer you total classes on life’s most important front: the health of your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

As previously stated, each professor has had a lifetime of learning the pitfalls and propaganda spread throughout our educational system today. The International Healing Arts and related sciences of Chemistry and Physics are fun and enticing to learn. Man has made education about theories and academics, not about TRUTH. Man has adopted the disease and treatment based theories, our school teaches life experiences and the high side of the Natural Healing Arts and Sciences

The International School of the Healing Arts and Sciences goal is to give you a doctorate degree in the healing arts of Naturopathy, the core healing modality on this planet. Our classes will offer you education you cannot buy anywhere in formats that have been simplified—FOR EVERYONE!

The idea that you must have years of study in subjects not related to your dreams is falling by the wayside. Awareness breeds simplicity and truth, intellectualism/academics can build ego and get you lost, especially if they are not based on TRUTH.

International School of the Healing Arts