Patricia Lager, MS, ND

Patricia Lager, MS, ND

I am a College Professor, Naturopath, and lover of life! I began my journey working towards becoming a physician. I attended several years of Osteopathic medical school only to find that it was very “Allopathic” (rather than aligning with a more holistic understanding of the human body).

After 2 1/2 years of study, I decided to leave medicine and pursue music. I have been in several bands as a lead vocalist, guitar player, and bass player.

Since playing gigs could not support the dogs and cats I shared my home with, I decided to use the knowledge I had gained in medical school by becoming a college tutor.

While tutoring at a local Community College, I fell in love with teaching. I went on to Graduate School, completing a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and then beginning a PhD program in Immunology.

While in the PhD program, I became quite depressed with the animal research. Again, I realized I could not embrace any educational program that my heart and soul was not at ease with, and this influenced my decision to leave the realm of scientific research.

Fortunately, with a Master’s degree, I was able to return to teaching at the community college. Since 2001 I have been teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology and Biochemistry courses (mostly to pre-allopathic nursing and medical students).

During my years of teaching, I personally studied many natural health modalities, including: Homeopathy, Natural Hygiene, Herbal Medicine, and Bach flower essences.

I later became a traditional naturopathic doctor (ND) and Detoxification Specialist. Outside of teaching, I provide health consultations for clients that reach out to me for help.

I consider Dr. Robert Morse my mentor as he has taught me so much about the human body and its ability to naturally detoxify and heal. Once I came across this truth, everything that I had been taught in medical school took on a new meaning.

I am passionate about teaching as well as helping people release the interstitial congestion that is creating acidosis in their body. I am also quite passionate about gardening, spending time with my dogs and cat, and enjoying the magnificence of Nature.

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